Easter Musings (Ressurection and the Deception of Self-Deprecation)

Jars of Klay

I wish I had a reason behind why I haven’t written in such a long time. I wish I could say it was because the Lord has been working in me and I just needed space to process, but that would not be true. He has been working, but my not sharing has been a mere function of my own procrastination. I won’t peg that on anything else.

Yet here I am. Grown in many ways, and aware that the only way I can be consistent with Jars is by having God as the Centre of my work. I think at some point I was only blogging for blog’s sake, to feel like I was doing something new and different and innovating, something that made me feel like I was worth something… Evidently kind of motivation doesn’t really take one very far.

The past couple of months, though, have been difficult, because perhaps more…

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